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We are now Griot's garage resellers!


Call us with your needs and we will help you out. We are stocking most popular products and kits and can order on stock items for delivery in as little as two day.


Local pickup in Central NJ is always available.

Third Generation Camaro & Firebird Specialists

CTW Motorsports provides 3rd generation F-Body enthusiasts with products ranging from our trademarked 17" spoked wheels to exhaust systems and other performance parts. Give us a call with your needs - we can help!


Our mission is to provide innovative products to make your Camaro and Firebird accelerate, brake, and handle better. We offer tremendous value for your dollar and would love to hear about your product needs.

8.10.15 Update

Tommy's 25th Anniversary Z28

6.14.15 Update

Matt's IROC with a set of Satin Black with Nitto NT05 275-40-17 all around.

5.23.15 Update

Great pic of the installed Maganflow cat-back that Chris installed on his 1988 Trans Am GTA!

4.21.15 Update

We did a full detail and polish on Bob's beautiful 5th gen Camaro SS. Car has a 419ci LS3, Forgestar wheels, and other go-fast parts.

3.19.15 Update

4.30.14 Update

We are now Solution Finish retailers!


This is the best faded plastic restoration (cars, trucks, outdoor items) that money can buy - it works! Don't settle for cheap products that wash off in the rain, or last a few months! SF is a permanent solution.

12.2.13 Update

Our wheels are featured on a 3rd Generation project car in the february 2014 issue of Chevy High Performance, page 36 has 4 photos of our wheels (above pic). Two things to take away from this - CHP has confirmed that our wheels fit with the QA1 front coil over conversion and also that the project car looks awesome with them!

10.9.13 Update

We are officially a Chemical Guys reseller in NJ - the only one who will be attending car shows and events around the NYC tristate area. Call us with your needs!

9.10.13 Update

Here is a jet black BMW 5 Series that we detailed in the shop. See the reflection of the sky on the front fender - that is from Chemical Guys Blacklight gloss intensifier.

8.28.13 Update

Here's Brian's awesome Z28 race car. He noted a huge improvement in grip from the 245 width tires he previously was using to the 275 slicks on our wheels. Last weekend he ended up placing 3rd in a field of 31 cars, the only ones faster were pure race cars - his is street driven. Awesome!

8.16.13 Update

Here's a classic 1984 380SL we just detailed completely inside and out. Can you beleive that is Maaco paint? Well it is and no one beleives it after we finished up. Spend 3 hours on the chrome and stainless trim alone!

8.12.13 Update

We are now fully stocked with Griot's Garage products (we are getting more soon) and can fulfill your orders. Contact us for ordering!

8.5.13 Update

We do detailing! Here is a pic of a 2007 Pontiac G6 that we fully detailied inside and out, finishing with a few coats of Natty's Blue wax. This car glows!

7.19.13 Update

We are now officially Griot's Garage retailers, the only dealer in NJ other than the limited selection at Advance Auto (only selected stores).


I use these products on my own cars and for detailing customer's cars - they are excellent in terms of quality and results and rate sky-high on the bang for the buck meter.


As a retailer, we plan to stock all of the popular products in most sizes, along with accessories and kits. While we won't be able to stcok every single item Griot's sells due to space limitations, we will be able to get you anything we dfon't stock in as little as 2 business days.


You can pick up these products at our Hillsborough location - call ahead for availability.

7.15.13 Update

Sean Richardson (using our wheels in CMC) mixing it up with the more highly modified American Iron 4th gen LS1 Trans Am. Race was last weekend - Sat 7/13.

7.10.13 Update

Brendan's Trans Am

6.17.13 Update

Some of our customers suggested that we post a few pics of how great the silver looks (in person). So here is a pic that shows the shine in the sun and also the details that you can see in the shade. They are as shiny and bright as the typical polished aluminum wheel in person.

6.12.13 Update

Pretty much what we do here at CTW Motorsports... Only difference is that in the case of out 3rd gens, a wide angle lens would be needed since the German car would be a lot farther behind!

6.3.13 Update

Tom's beautiful red IROC. This car is autocrossed and he mentions that the improvements in grip with our wheels (and 275-40-17 BFG tires) have been tremendous. A not so secret weapon for those of you who race...

5.21.13 Update

Robert Salus' CMC in action this past weekend. Looking good!

5.17.13 Update

Here is a shot of the wheel in the 4/17 update below. The wheel was hit very hard during a race and was run another 5 hours until the trans and rear failed. The wheel repair facility expressed surprise that the wheel was salvageable, most cases it would be scrap - this design is tough enought to take hard hits and keep on ticking. Russell - thank you for the photo.

5.13.13 Update

Big Ed sent some pics in of our silver wheels on his black Z28. The silver is a nice contrast to the car's dark color. Ed reported a noticeable increase in handling when he mounted these wheels with 275-40-17 tires instead of the 245-40-18 rollers he used previously. Congrats Ed!

5.10.13 Update

Robert Salus' CMC car all ready for a weekend of CMC racing...

5.1.13 Update

Racetech Motorsports' Chumpcar featuring our Satin Black wheels. This shot was from after their first race of the season - car dropped out due to transmission and rear differential issues. Looking good, Russ!

4.29.13 Update

Sean Richardson's CMC car in action this past weekend on our wheels <4/27 & 4/28>. His Camaro picked up about 4 seconds with our 17" wheels (and Toyo 275-40-17 spec tires) vs. 2012 where he ran the OEM 16" wheels and 255-50-16 tires. 4 seconds is on the higher side of gains, but he did report that the car was much sharper and just felt better - the improvement in times proves it. Thank you for the pics.

4.22.13 Update

Mike just picked up a set of our satin black wheels for his freshly painted IROC. Good looking car, enjoy it!

4.17.13 Update


Wanted to share this pic of a hit one of our Chumpcar racers took during a race last weekend. Car was tagged early in the race by an overzealous competitor and ran another 5 hours at 100% until the transmission gave out! The wheel is fixable and while the hit wasn't so bad in reality, it proves that not only can one race 6+ hours non stop, but they can also take a decent hit and still be 100% raceable.


Our racer did report that compared to his previous 35lb (each) 17" x 8" wheels with the same exact tires, the car accelerated, braked, and had more wheel control than previously and was night and day when driving. It is pretty obvious that the reduction of 15lbs of weight per corner, plus the 1.5" wheel width increase did wonders. The feedback also included the addition of razor sharp turn-in ability with the wheel change. They also were the fastest car on the racetrack that day and also turned in consistent times well below past outings. These cars run on 200 rated street tires (or higher) - not race tires...

4.15.13 Update


CTW Motorsports is now offically a Magnaflow "Preferred" dealer.


As in the past, we can get any part Magnaflow currently makes for prices lower than our behemoth catalog/online/mailorder competition offers.


Keep in mind that some items drop ship directly from Magnaflow's warehouse and can take up to 10 business days to arrive. Contact us and we can give you prices and ETA for anything Magnaflow.

4.11.13 Update

Racetech Motorsports Chumpcar racer getting all ready for their first race weekend with a set of our satin black wheels. Chumpcar is he real deal: two 7 hour back to back road races over a weekend - an extreme way to show ho race worthy our wheels are!

3.29.13 Update

Our wheels got an awesome writeup in the May 2013 Parts Bin section of Camaro Performers Magazine!

3.16.13 Update

Sean Richardson's Camaro CMC car with our wheels - looks awesome!

3.5.13 Update

Here is a visual aid in terms of the descriptions of how a wheel fits with a certain height of suspension. Our wheels feature the maximum amount of width for the front of the 3rd gens, bringing them out to the edge of the wheel wells as shown in the lower left "Flush" picture. The drop shown would only be realistic for a race car with no cornering lean.

2.26.13 Update

Customer sent this in - 245-45-17 Dunlop Star Spec Sport on our 9.5" wheel - slight stretch compared to a 275-40, but very stable & light!

2.20.13 Update

GM High Tech Performance put our wheels in their April 2013 new product spotlight "Cutting Edge". Thanks a million guys!

2.5.13 Update

Robert Salus's Third Generation CMC race car with all 4 wheels mounted.

1.18.13 Update

Our Camaro Performers & GM High Tech Performance Ad!!!

12.20.12 Update

12.17.12 Update

David's 1992 Camaro RS Convertible.

12.10.12 Update

Barrett's 1987 IROC

11.26.12 Update

No reason to use 18" or larger wheels when one of the best factory systems fits under our 17" offering (14.0" C6 Z06 with 6 piston calipers).

9.12.12 Update

Silver is nice, but clashes with the gold emblems and pinstriping.

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  • Harold "Ben" Bennett (Friday, June 08 12 06:05 am EDT)

    I understand these fit with NO SPACERS, right?? That's fantastic! Do you have them in any wider widths? About 11" is as wide as the rear well will handle, and that's what I'm aiming at if I can get

  • Paul Huryk (Tuesday, August 07 12 12:09 pm EDT)

    Ben, we are not offering an 11" wide wheel at this time. However, you can add another 1.5" of wheel width using a reputable company that widens wheels to get to 11".

  • Kerry Kirby (Friday, February 01 13 07:13 pm EST)

    Do you have any black or chrome wheels got two 1979 Camaro Z28s both satin black mixed with gloss black would not mind 16 or 17inch or 17inch back 16 front maybe 8 or 9 inch back 8 inch wide front.
    And what is the rice range

  • Paul Huryk (Wednesday, February 06 13 01:40 pm EST)

    Kerry, we offers our wheels in silver and satin black only at this time. We do not offer a 16" wheel, but do offer 17" x 9.5", verified to fit the rear of the 2nd gens only. Check our "buy" page for
    pricing. We anticiapte having a proper 2nd gen fitment in the next few months.

  • Russ (Sunday, October 27 13 11:44 am EDT)

    Any way to order these with silver hoops and black centers, a la GTA rims?

  • Paul Huryk (Sunday, October 27 13 04:40 pm EDT)

    Russ, we will be offering that color combo in the future. At this point, you can purchase a set of silver wheels and either paint of plastidip the centers black, but you would also have to do the
    centercaps (they will be silver).

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