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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What vehicles do CTW Motorsports wheels fit?

>>> The wheels fit the 1982 to 1992 Camaro and Firebird (third generation F-bodies). There is no need for spacers as the wheels have correct offset dimensions.


What perticular trim levels do the wheels fit?

>>> They fit all trim levels, including: Camaro, Berlinetta, RS, LT, Z28, IROC, Firebird, SE, Trans AM, GTA, Turbo Trans Am, and Formula.


Will you need to use spacers with these wheels?

>>> These wheels do not require spacers as they have the correct offset for the 1982 to 1992 Camaro and Firebird applications. If you have certain front aftermarket struts (Bilstein and others), you may need to grind back the upper flange on the strut - to keep it from contacting the wheel. This will not structurally affect the strut and can be done in a few minutes with the proper equipment.


What sizes are the wheels available in?

>>> CTW Motorsports wheels are available in 17” x 9.5” size presently.


Why do I need a 17” x 9.5” wheel on my third generation Camaro or Firebird?

>>> There are two reasons: Availability of replacement tires and additional grip.

  1. The largest stock tire offered on these cars was the 245-50-16 size, of which there are less than five choices offered in a performance tread design in 2012. The 275-40-17 size has over 30 tire options, over 20 of which are high performance street or track specific.

  2. There is the factor of the increased mechanical grip of a 275 tire vs. the 245 sized one: the 30mm of width translates into a roughly 4% increase in lateral grip with no other changes. While 4% may not seem like much, the difference is about the same as the grip that an IROC's 245-50-16 tire gives over a Z28's 215-65-15 tire when the cars were new in the 1980s. You will also get a slightly better steering feel (and possibly a slightly rougher ride) due to the 1” decrease in tire sidewall.


What is the approximate weight of the wheels?

>>> They weigh 20lbs each (actually 20lbs 4.4oz). As they do not require spacers, which add weight CTW Motorsports wheels are typically several pounds lighter than other non forged wheels offered by OEM or aftermarket manufacturers. As an example, the Ronal 17” x 9.5” wheels found on the 1992 SLP Firehawk weigh about 25lbs each and in some cases require additional spacers.

What are the advantages of using a lighter wheel?

>>> There are a few important advantages of using a lighter wheel. First is the fact that a lighter wheel is much easier to spin than a heavy one, in fact every pound of weight you remove is equal to taking off 4 to 5 pounds of dead weight A 10 pound weight reduction in wheel mass is equal to taking off 40 to 50 pounds of sprung weight. Second, lighter wheels allow the suspension to be more effective due to less unsprung weight, reducing wear on struts, shocks, and springs. This also applies to tires – lighter tires have the same advantages as lighter wheels.

What tire sizes will fit on the wheels safely?

>>> You can fit 245, 255, 265, 275 and 285 width tires and be at, or better than, the specs given by the tire manufacturers. We suggest either the 265 or 275 width for maximum grip.


Where do the wheels sit in the factory wheel wells?

>>> CTW Motorsports wheels place the outside edge of the tire flush with the upper lip of the factory wheel well front and rear. Front track width is the same (even using wider tires), but rear track increases by approximately 1.75" outboard - helping handling.


Can you use a 1993 – 2002 (fourth generation) Camaro and Firebird rear end with these wheels?

>>> No. The wheels will not work with the fourth generation rearends due to that unit being several inches wider than the one that came with the third generation cars. However, we are developing this wheel style to fit the fourth generation cars which would also cover this scenario.


Can I use these wheels with drag radials and/or road race tires?

>>> Absolutely. These wheels are strong enough for drag race applications as long as there is no wheel standing. And this design has been proven in road racing on the BMW and Miata applications. A 275-40-17 drag radial fits on these wheels with confidence. These wheels will also work with all season tires and snow tires in the proper size range.


Are these wheels road race worthy?

>>> Yes. Variations of these wheels for BMW and Mazda Miata applications have been raced in different motor sports series since being introduced over 5 years ago. These wheels allow a competitive alternative to expensive, lightweight forged wheels at a much lower price point. In some cases, this wheel design actually weighs less.

Will these wheels clear big brake kits?

>>> In most cases, yes. They will clear every 13” rotor and mono block caliper application and will also clear the majority of 13.5” and 14” kits too. The 13.5” and 14” kits with smaller size caliper clear easily, some of the larger 6 and 8 piston kits are a tight fit, others will contact the inside of the wheel barrel. We have verified that the largest street kit that Baer makes (Extreme Plus) with 14" rotors and the 6 piston brake calipers clears our wheels with no problem. Most solutions to fit brakes of this size are 18" or larger, ours is in a more streetable and reasonably priced 17" wheel and tire size.

How are the wheels made?

>>> The wheels are made using the flow forming process. The center area of the wheel is first cast in a low pressure mold, then removed and spun on a CNC machine where it is pressed, heated, and spun simultaneously, resulting in the aluminum flowing over the mandrel and the barrel area of the wheel to be thinner and allowing more strength from less weight. With exclusive flow forming technology, CTW Motorsports wheels have the capacity to do this at a cost typically one to two thirds less than fully forged wheels; all while maintaining similar load bearing strength. Our wheels are heat treated to make them more dent resistant.

What is the load rating per wheel?

>>> Each wheel is rated to carry a maximum of 1,560lbs.


What is included with each wheel?

>>> Each wheel includes the center cap. You will have to supply your own tires, valve stem, and lug nuts.


What colors do the wheels come in?

>>> Presently the wheels come in silver and satin black paint.


How do you ship these wheels?

>>> We ship via UPS. We charge actual shipping costs for the wheels, we are in New Jersey and do not feel it is fair for someone in Pennsylvania to pay the same flat rate as someone residing in California or Texas.


Are there any special care requirements for the wheels?

>>> Normal wheel cleaners and water will work. As they are painted, you cannot use anything other than soft towels and soft wheel brushes for scrubbing stubborn dirt.

Can I paint or powdercoat these wheels to whatever color I want?

>>> Absolutely. The method is to remove the factory paint using a chemical automotive (or aircraft) paint stripper (same process as auto paint stripping), then paint or powder coat the wheels to any color you like. You may also strip and polish the wheels as they are aluminum and can be clear coated (to keep from oxidizing).


Can I reuse my factory lug nuts?

>>> No. The lug pockets on these wheels are much smaller than stock (typically a 3/4" socket), so small diameter "tuner" lugs should be used. If you have any questions what lug nuts are compatable with our wheels, contact us.


Can I use wheel studs larger than the stock 12mm - 1.5 ones with the wheels?

>>> Yes, the stud holes measure 5/8" in diameter, allowing a 1/2" or even 9/16" wheel stud to pass easily.

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